How To Stop Smoking

It is very difficult for most people to stop smoking because the nicotine that is found in cigarettes is considered to be one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Most people are repelled by cigarette smoke when they first begin to smoke, yet they continue until they get used to it, and by then they are hooked.

There is an array of nicotine patches, gums, injections and other such devices, where people can ‘taper down’ their nicotine intake, thus weaning themselves off of the habit.

There is, however, a very powerful force psychologically from the routing habits that are formed during smoking, such as the ‘lighting up routine,’ the times that people smoke, and using their favorite lighter and so forth.

The recent introduction of electronic cigarettes has become another substitute of tobacco cigarettes, with some success as reported by users who have kicked the habit of tobacco.

Since tobacco smoke has literally been proven to cause lung cancer in humans, tobacco smoking is really a good thing to give up. The smoke from a cigarette contains arsenic and cyanide, among other harmful and carcinogenic substances that are really nasty, and no one should even go near, let along inhale into their lungs.

Prior to World War II, there was barely any sign of lung cancer cases anywhere. In fact, it was so rare for anyone to contract the disease, a medical doctor seldom saw a case of lung cancer his entire career.

After the war, lung cancer began to be a real problem in the next decade when cigarettes became popular. If you see any pictures or movies during that ere, everybody had a cigarette dangling from their mouths.

People who are successful at quitting smoking do have to have a great deal of will power, no matter what method they use. Having another person to be accountable to, is a primary reason staying as a non-smoker, is is said.

Are you a heavy smoker? Even a light smoker, all the same. This is a nasty, even deadly, habit. Smoking for prolonged periods can lead to serious health conditions, such as throat, lung, and mouth cancer. There are dozens of nasty carcinogens inside cigarette smoke that eat away at a healthy set of organs. You can use various quit smoking products to ease you off of cigarettes and back into a healthy lifestyle. Of course, lots of people have thought of this, but fewer do it. That’s simply because a nicotine addiction is very hard to overcome. This is why you must use products that contain nicotine already. Over time, you lower the dose and take away your dependency on the nicotine.

Different products work different on the body and have different effects on certain people. There is good news though. Once you have actually quit smoking, the lungs will begin to repair themselves. After a year or two without cigarettes, your lungs will have repaired a lot of the damage they have undertaken. That is why you should start thinking about giving up the habit today. How? You ask.

The first product you could use is a nicotine patch. These patches are only available by prescription, so you’ll need to speak with your doctor first about them. If they agree that you are healthy for a nicotine patch, then you should try this option.

A favorite, non-prescription solution to smoking is the electronic cigarette. With the e-cig, you get all of the benefits of smoking without any of the nasty side effects. An electronic cigarette is a plastic tube that is designed to look and feel like a real cigarette, but only emits water vapor. However, there are small cartridges that contain nicotine. As mentioned earlier, simply lower your dose over time and eventually quit.